Wise Media is an integrated media and consultancy group operating worldwide, with dedicated teams specialized in strategy consulting (Stuart & Deville), external and internal communications (WM Business Communications), hosting world-class summits (WM Events), contract publishing and proprietary media (On Publishing).


A leading media company, specializing in B2G and G2G relations

While having a track record of over two decades of successful projects in the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) areas, Wise Media stands out for its unique reputation as leading specialist in the area of business-to-government (B2G) and government-to-government (G2G) relations.  Wise Media initiatives have been endorsed for over two decades by key international organizations and governments worldwide, at the prime minister and ministerial level.

The spectrum of activities carried out by Wise Media is organized in three divisions. These
share a common corporate culture while pursuing different business objectives as WM
Events, Consultancy, Publishing

Multi-channel platforms, independent think tanks

Wise Media is part of the Swiss consulting network of Hadrian AG (for further information: The Zug-based group catalyzes global networking, manages formats for high-profile interaction and top level knowledge exchange between key government and public sector decision makers for the sake of innovation and sustainable growth. Having brought together the expertise developed by a number of specialist consulting companies, it pursues excellence by attracting and retaining remarkable talent, leveraging complementary skills while applying a distinct methodology.

Wise Media is consulted by policy makers and stakeholders of the digital economy. It fosters value generation that comes with the creation, development and protection of IP; modernization of trust and delivery models in the different business contexts; clear positioning and establishment of brands and messaging; implementation of lean and transparent business and information processes in highly technological and international scenarios.


Since 2013, the organization of Wise Media events, as well as the execution of its business consulting projects and publishing activities, involves a partner network coordinated by Swiss  consulting company Hadrian

Wise Media's DNA

Long term investing

Wise Media cherishes long standing relationships within its network of partners, resources and clients, maintaining solid service ecosystems in highly dynamic scenarios. Interacting with prominent thought leaders in key industry verticals, Wise Media is committed to help harmonize agendas to further their individual objectives within the broader scope of collective business growth and societal progress.

Positive thinking

Wise Media believes that sustainable development and societal progress are objectives worth investing in full-heartedly. In spite of the daily headlines, we live in a golden age of innovation. Often called 'the digital age', in reality it is a moment in time in which new technology and a radically different kind of management have come together. Their combination is  creating game changing opportunities.

Scientific Approach

Wise Media invites to look at science and technology as today's most powerful uniting factor that can support the strategic aspiration to align regional, national and local development agendas. Digitization is promoted as the common, transversal language spoken in all countries, giving a chance to governments and citizens to transform society and create a better and more inclusive world.

Why turn to 
Wise Media?

Furthering sustainable development

Wise Media’s holistic and highly customized approach is why governments, top level companies and even small and ambitious businesses choose to work with the group. It is no coincidence that its most important achievements to date have come from working on long-term projects, some of which already have extended for over twenty years to date. Wise Media monitors trends and market movements from the economic, technological, political and social viewpoints on an ongoing basis. This helps organizations to prudently select avenues towards solid and sustainable growth, by avoiding the pitfalls of quick fixes that simply follow hype.

Interpreting technological innovation

Wise Media works with public and private sector organizations to help define their vision in light of technological innovation. Its teams benchmark evolutionary and disruptive technologies, evaluating them on a regular basis in terms of both advantages and impact. The company's knowledge base in various fields of technology development supports informed decision-making at all levels for the setting up of economically viable strategies and business plans. By revealing the multifaceted nature of innovation, roadmaps can be charted to grasp opportunities responsibly, aiming to harmonize objectives that should not collide: profit, prosperity and progress.

Achieving global reach

Today’s interdependent economies, businesses and supply chains make it fundamental for organizations to embrace change and exchange as technology, enterprises and society evolve. The remarkable international background and exposure of Wise Media’s consultants make it possible to leverage a streamlined service infrastructure to deploy international teams. These operate globally via multi-lingual channels with a unified and controlled modus operandi. Key decision makers, innovators and influencers can thus be effectively engaged in developed and developing economies through Wise Media’s communications, events and publications.

If your goals are to further sustainable development, achieve global reach, and interpret technological innovation, let us work together to expand our horizons in terms of know-how, exposure and reach.



A non-political agenda

Wise Media is committed to support those who work for peace, stability and prosperity
in all countries, looking beyond the current political context.


Finding common ground

Wherever new walls are being erected, Wise Media aims to help
humanity come together by finding common goals and leaning on science and technology.


Towards a smart society

Wise Media promotes digitization to help mitigate poverty and social injustice, address global healthcare concerns, manage resources and handle emergencies.


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