The Wise Media Publishing division is hired to produce exclusive reports and to create unique content and delivery formats for international media groups. It offers end-to-end support at all levels of the editorial value chain from strategy development, planning and production to marketing, sales and international distribution.

Sourcing from field-proven teams

Since the year 2000, Wise Media content generation has continuously supported prime national media and international publishers outsourcing content generation for TV news channels and magazines such as OnBoard Technology, Global Identification, ID World, ID People, NFC Journal and Sustainable Development. Its publishing industry specialists provide strategic consulting and ongoing operational outsource services, selected by prime media industry leaders in the US, Germany, UK, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland.

WM journalists

The distinctive traits of Wise Media Publishing’s offering draws from the deep-rooted experience of its editorial teams and the quality of its wider network, bringing together complementary skills and specialist experiences in:

  • multi-channel publishing, journalism and field reporting
  • international socio-political environments in the EMEA, Americas, South and South-East Asian regions
  • science and technology, in particular electronics and Information and Communications Technologies
  • business and finance

Exclusive interview at Ukrainian parliament
about passing law on National ID program

Successful media products

Wise Media sees commitment to the genuine needs of target audiences and to a long-term vision of sustainable development as the core element in the creation of meaningful media products. New magazines have been designed and launched in light of these priorities for select international publishers, leading to success stories that see ongoing evolution since more than a decade. Publishing, technology and business expertise go hand in hand with optimal insight into content, marketing and critical issues at a distribution level. This allows for the meaningful interpretation of the complex requirements of the publishing industry itself.

Exclusive interview on cross-border migration, discussing integration policies in France

Cooperating with prime publishers and programs

Business consulting and operational services offered include:

  • Strategy development, from market and readership analysis, to the definition and implementation of roadmaps for brand development, distribution and channel development in print and digital publishing
  • Content Management, from editorial planning and research, to journalistic reporting, copy and visual content; from multi-channel format design and population, including digital media and video, to full localization
  • Commercial development and representation, from domestic and international marketing, to full promotion programs, to representation for distribution and advertising sales, and development of partnership programs

Inquiries about media represented and services offered by Wise Media:


Viewpoint on European privacy regulations

Field reports
Wise Media operates in multiple languages, working with specialist correspondents to understand complex scenarios and cover critical events worldwide.

Covering news and emergencies in major crisis zones

Targeted circulation
Wise Media exhibits at prime international events, acting as official media partner and supporter of high-profile conferences on strategic topics of interest.

Anniversary roadshow: the ID Community Publications

Real-time production

Wise Media is experienced in feeding prime time news programs with information such as daily technology facts and figures, as well as in depth viewpoints.

Regular news feed to national news channels




Wise Media cooperates with the organizers of prime international events, securing media partnerships for increased circulation among qualified readers.

Hosting the CEO Panel (opening session)
of the conference program at the Proudctronica show in Munich