Global Migration Summit

A think tank for policy makers on a major challenge for governments worldwide

This year sees renewed interest in developing the initiative of the Global Migration Summit (GMS), reaching the milestone of 10 years of collaboration at a supra-national level in managing cross-border migration issues.

Fostering a comprehensive approach to address international migration

The numbers of international migration today make the worldwide population of migrants, estimated by international organizations, the fifth largest population in the world - one larger than Brazil, Pakistan or Russia. The social aspects, as well as the security aspects related to global migration have become a major concern in the agendas of governments world-wide, while the impact on the economy of hosting countries and remittance to the countries of origin is such that global migration significantly affects the prosperity of mature and emerging economies alike.

The objective of the GMS is to support governments worldwide as they face the challenges of creating a sustained and effective approach to international migration at both a policy development and implementation level. Wise Media's initiative looks at the flow of both people and money, and focuses on the pivotal role played by unequivocal identity verification of migrants in the architecture of immigration control, entitlement and the global fight against international crime.

The GMS looks at how to best leverage digital technologies in the context of the following topic areas:

  1. New paradigms of entitlement - Issues, challenges and trust models
  2. Managing transnational movement - Strategies, tasks and methods
  3. Financial flows in the global village - Impact, security and identity
  4. Towards transparent supply chains - Regulations, tracking and safety
  5. Changes in the strategic approach - Policies, collaboration and methodology

 2022: celebrating 10 years after cutting the first ribbon...

Left to right at inaugural GMS: today's President of Interpol, General Al-Raisi, with Sophie Boyer de la Giroday and Ronald Noble, then Secretary General of Interpol.

Managing Change in the strategic approach

The Global Migration Summit’s objective is to illustrate the status of policies and regulations in individual countries while fostering the integration with those developed at a supra-national level by the European Commission, the United Nations and other over-arching administrations and organizations. The aim is furthermore to drill down into the system, technology and methodology related aspects that play a role in the overall schemes for entitlement and immigration control, to then establish some key takeaways that can be useful to governments world-wide as they develop migration policies in the national and global context.

By fostering a more comprehensive approach to the issues and opportunities surrounding international migration, the GMS will aim to offer a knowledge- exchange platform in order to facilitate:

Policy development

  • assessment of established policies - reformed or new approaches
  • modernized regulations

Policy implementation

  • involvement of country of origin, transit and destination - involvement of both public and private sector
  • collaboration and co-operation at supra-national level.

Development of a trust model based on

  • ID communicated by country of origin via a secure document, with a secured citizen history
  • record in national database of residents and entitlement documents issued by country of arrival

Patronages and endorsements

The Global Migration Summit builds on the wealth of discussions held throughout over ten years of investigation carried out by the dedicated working groups engaged by the Sustainability Summit and the ID WORLD International Congress (such as the Citizen ID Forum, the Transportation Security Forum, the Asset Tracking Forum), on the occasion of international events which took place under the patronages of the Italian, French, German and Austrian Ministries of the Interior, the Italian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Environment, the Dutch Ministry of Justice, the Turkish Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of the Interior of the United Arab Emirates, the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina and with the endorsement of the European Commission.

Who should attend

The Global Migration Summit invites representatives from governments, security agencies, the transportation industry, banking organizations, telecom service providers, and postal operators to meet ICT industry experts on the occasion of the international ID WORLD symposiums focusing on the issues of identification, security, mobility and traceability.

Call for Papers

Individuals interested in submitting an abstract in response to the Call for Papers for the Global Migration Summit can request details of eligibility and specifications for their submission by contacting:

Discussing key instruments available to address the impact of international migration on the economy, se- curity and social stability of both origin and destination countries, the Global Migration Summit’s investigation centers around the implementation of strong identifi- cation processes as governments develop strategies, best practices and practical solutions to strengthen and improve migration policies and safeguard the na- tional and international interest.

Topics to be discussed include:

Issues and Policies - labor migration, family reunification, migration and security, irregular migration, migration and trade, migrant rights, health and migration, integration, illegal migration and transnational crime, trafficking and migrant smuggling, global remittance, financing international crime and terrorism.

Solutions and technologies - secure ID technologies, authentication and issuance, biometrics, secure documents, mobility and wireless, border control, securing trade and travel, transportation and hub security, electronic payments.

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