Wise Media analyzes trends in ICT innovation to understand their impact on the evolution of specific business verticals and society as a whole.  Consulting activities are carried out by distinct entities and specialist business units within the group, allowing for a synergetic approach while protecting client-specific information.

High-end consulting for pioneering decision makers

Wise Media Consultancy's team in Zurich and strategy consulting branch in New York are preferred partners of prime government and industry players, including Fortune 500 companies, world-class system integrators and technology vendors requiring high-profile international, multi-channel PR and communications. Responding to the requests from industry clients and government bodies for a one-stop-sourcing opportunity, a specific entity was created within the Wise Media group to deliver strategy consulting: Stuart & Deville. As of 2010, renowned industry figures joined the organization to deliver a specialist line of services, originating a growing segment of the overall consultancy business. Major projects were since carried out under this brand in areas such CEO on demand, M&A, IP Path to Value, change management and reorganization.

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S&D headquarters: Seagram Building, Park Avenue, NY

Marketing communications focusing on B2B, B2G and G2G

Wise Media Business Communications (WMBC) brings together expertise in global brand positioning, marketing communications, events and publishing in the business-to-business, business-to-government, government-to-government and high-tech fields. Since year 2000, clients access integrated strategic marketing and communication services at all levels of the value chain, combining the skills of specialists in journalism, publishing, public relations, event organization, advertising and digital media. A tailor-made approach allows for the right channels, networks and audiences to be addressed, in order to achieve highest return in terms of impact on prominent influencers.

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Wise Media & WMBC: Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich

 Tools of the trade

Integrated programs

Wise Media conceives and executes comprehensive programs as a long-term partner of government bodies and eminent players in the public and private sectors, acting as end-to-end project developer and coordinator. This allows the partners to develop an in-depth understanding of new scenarios and a mutual exchange within dynamic teams that optimize human and financial resources.

Global reach

Wise Media has a broad international footprint, operates in multiple languages, with specialist partner correspondents worldwide feeding a unique, central portfolio of select, profiled, active contacts. Its holistic and customized approach to communications, as well as comprehensive technical, industry and multi-cultural expertise, is an asset for governments, market leaders and emerging companies.

Ambitious goals

Wise Media has been selected by prime organizations over many years as a catalyst promoting excellence in forward-thinking investments. The group was thus supported in reaching its development goals and corporate objectives, while its brand was placed at the forefront of key industries and markets. Success stories include supporting major mergers and acquisitions in the high-tech industries.

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