DEC Summit

A congress and a Digital Economy Checkpoint for governments worldwide

The Digital Economy Checkpoint (DEC) is a an independent government sector think tank on technology-driven innovation. Launched in 2019 as a result of the discussions held on the occasion of the first Digital Economy Conference organized by Wise Media at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, it provides a unique and neutral backdrop to high-profile exchanges between regulators discussing regional masterplans and roadmaps for the digital revolution, sharing best practices in policy making and forming their viewpoint on sustainable development of the digital society.

Focusing on the advent of new technologies and their impact on the economy and society as a whole, it calls to action policy makers, prime representatives of academic institutions, industry analysts and technology experts. Convening also with system integrators to analyze the evolution of industries and markets, the prime goal is to engage with sociologists and key experts to interpret new trends and anticipate emerging lifestyles.

DEC advocates for the collective development of new policies and methodologies that factor in the strategic goals set by key organizations worldwide for the year 2030. It facilitates an open and forward-thinking debate on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Self Driving, looking at societal concerns as the digital revolution enters the Metaverse era.

Patronages and endorsements

The Digital Economy Checkpoint was launched at the first DEC Summit

organized by Wise Media at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi

A milestone event of the Sustainability Summit community

The eighth annual congress of the Sustainability Summit took place at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi under the Patronage of the Government of the United Arab Emirates and saw the launch of the Digital Economy Conference (DEC Summit). The event focused on the key questions identified during an intensive year of discussions on Artificial Intelligence and other innovative technologies, as well as key topics explored to date by the Sustainability Summit Special Interest Working Groups.

Highlights of the agenda of the inaugural Digital Economy Conference: launch of the DEC Summit, focus on AI and other disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, 3D Printing and Industry 4.0

  • the 1st Digital Economy Conference held with the Council of Arab Economic Unity of the League of Arab States, offering the results of a strategic study promoted by the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy in order to develop a vision for the region
  • a 2-day conference program looking at the strategic role of digital technologies in all vertical sectors of today’s economy, illustrating how they play a strategic role in all key ecosystems of today’s economy, in the different continents

Inaugural DEC Summit: hosted with the UAE government, under the Patronage of the League of Arab states,
 endorsed by the Council of Arab Economic Unity and by the European Commission

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