NFC Academy and Ubiquitous Intelligence Summit

A multi-channel media initiative promoting new technologies to broader audiences

Typically addressing audiences of decision makers and key influencers driving digital transformation in today's economy and society as a whole, Wise Media has also helped target the broader audience of consumers and final end users of advanced wireless technologies. This led to the creation of a series of vertical or focused symposiums an exception to the rule of reporting on the status of the digital revolution in a technology-agnostic and vendor-neutral way,

Organizing conferences in the context of larger industry-specific events, Wise Media Events promoted educational initiatives by bringing together expert professionals in the field of new technologies to illustrate state-of-the art systems and applications. Activities at these events include speakers, workshops, and networking sessions. The people attending these events participated with shared interests and purpose. 

Summits – Summits are often meetings with high-level professionals to discuss the newest findings in a field. Some summits function just like conferences but they are actually quite different from each other. A summit only includes delegates, representatives and members of a board or committee.

Symposium – Symposiums are events where experts in the field give presentations to an audience.

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