Wise Media employs highly skilled individuals who value integrity and understand its implications in the media and communications business. International exposure, curiosity and the ability to work in compliance with sophisticated methodologies that grant autonomy in highly dynamic environments are prerequisites.

"We value a vibrant, diverse and international workplace"

At Wise Media, the official language spoken in day-to-day activities is English, but almost every colleague in the events, publishing and consultancy teams speaks several languages. In our everyday life, we enjoy international and multi-cultural exposure. We value diversity without being politically correct and strive to be correct when dealing with diversity even before cultivating good manners. We are often requested to travel, however we feel confident and in our comfort zone even when required to perform activities in new places and dealing with unknown counterparts.

"Wise Media’s culture and legacy values are essential to what we do"

> Create

We conceive and build formats of interaction within communities and organizations that drive the evolution of our society, of our industries and of technology. We produce world-class events as well as communication programs that inform, build brands and grow intimacy among decision makers. We are committed to fostering knowledge exchange, generating innovative projects and creating new avenues of growth, always with a socially responsible approach.


>> Connect

We reach and involve the right people in the right places. Whether at a government, industry or media level, we identify the key influencers and develop lasting relations. We build networks in which connections are made to help drive change involving the pioneers of innovation, captains of industry and government decision makers in order to address the challenges and seize the opportunities that are brought about by development at a policy, technology and societal level.

>>> Communicate

We proactively generate the messages that facilitate the exchange of information and its dissemination to broader and select audiences. We refine and implement a communications strategy about what is already established, new or emerging in the business and market sectors of the organizations we serve. We explain and highlight their mission and contribution within their specific value chain or ecosystem.

>>>> Change

We help organizations anticipate and adapt to the transformation and disruption brought by trends within society, technologies and markets, as well as their own internal structures. In this scenario, we support conservative roadmaps and plans for growth while understanding the risks, implications and potential returns associated with an evolving market, a promising innovation or a paradigm shift.

'Meet the Recruiter' programs organized on the occasion of Wise Media events allow clients to lean on our unique job casting methodology.

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Recruitment: what you should know

Applying for a position at Wise Media

Wise Media offers career programs and an inclusive work environment where individuals with an significant international experience can reach their full potential. Beyond your skills and accomplishments, your career goals are important to us. So are your genuine aspirations. Be yourself: do not assume that you are in a competition. We look for individuality, for the spark that sets candidates apart as distinguished professionals, or high-potential and highly-driven talent.

Casting is key

Wise Media strives to aggregate teams capable of sustaining continuity in collaboration over the years and successful individual growth.
Candidates eligible for a role at Wise Media will usually be taken through a number of steps, from submitting their CV to completing interviews by telephone and in person. The CV is an important part of the application and may lead to an opportunity also in the case of suitable future

Respond to specific job postings by writing to