A major success story in the international events arena

Hosted over 50 times, for over 15 years, in over 10 countries, ID WORLD events attracted world-class audiences in different continents and led to the creation of one of the most influential communities driving digital transformation worldwide.  With its 3-day conference program, 100+ speakers per event and 2-day exhibition format attracting 3500+ visitors, the ID WORLD International Congress engaged government representatives and private sector decision makers at the highest level, earning public sector endorsement and patronages at the prime minister and ministerial level in all hosting countries.

Frankfurt Exhibitions acquired the rights to produce Wise Media's summit in Germany and partner with its Events division to develop two additional congress formats in three different continents. Ever since, Wise Media has continued producing its own event formats independently or in partnership with top level organizers, hosting major summits when invited by  key government counterparts in the different regions.

Illustrating policies, technologies and methodologies for the digital society

Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris,  Amsterdam, Milan, Vienna, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Rio de Janeiro... ID WORLD events traveled the world, allowing for prominent experts, decision makers and influencers to exchange ideas and promote best practices on a fast lane to technology-driven innovation.

Exclusive world premières

Massive and game changing PPP projects were first discussed, decided upon or disclosed on the occasion of ID WORLD events, and exclusive world premières showcased new technologies and illustrated case studies, often presented by the end user and government involved. The ID Community publications reported.

An ongoing multi-channel media project to illustrate a forward-thinking vision

Giving voice to ICT-driven innovation as it is conceived and brought to life in the real world, ID WORLD Events have become the live dimension of the ID WORLD publication originally launched in 2000 by Wise Media and still published to date.  The commitment to offer same space and exposure to all players big and small, regardless to context but only focusing on the technology and methodology aspects with a dry and scientific approach led to a powerful community of pioneering proponents and end users of leading edge solutions to sit together at the table of innovation with regulators, experts and end-users.

20 years shaping the market of ICT-driven innovation


The ID
Revolution continues!

Frankfurt Exhibitions acquired rights to produce the ID WORLD International Congress in Germany as partner of Wise Media

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