Electronics Day

Annual forum on the relentless competitiveness

On the occasion of the Electronics Day organized by Wise Media, members of the Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing (SEM) Working Group gather each year at key industry appointments around the world to speak about the status and outlook of the global electronics industry, sustainable development and management of product lifecycles, as well as innovative solutions that ensure ongoing reliability of systems and components. The objective is to discuss where the industry stands today in the face of disruptive business models and technologies that revolutionize manufacturing.

Evaluating new avenues of sustainable growth for the electronics industry

The SEM Working Group is an industry-wide initiative, involving key international publications, events and associations to collaborate on and support a radical change in the paradigms of electronics manufacturing. Advocating for a new philosophy of sustainability, it invites the players of the electronics industry to embrace a smarter approach to its economic and technological challenges, for the sake of driving the market while preserving the planet. Among the media partners, events and industry organizations that contributed to the establishment of the initiative as supporters, are the publications, EE Times Europe, EMSNow!, Global Identification, OnBoard Technology, PLUS, PCB Magazine, Sustainable Development, the events, QUID, Productronica, SMT/Hybrid/Packaging, the Sustainability Summit, and the associations, EIPC and IMAPS.

The electronics industry in the context of Europe’s industrial value

Members of the SEM Working Group convened at the “Electronics Day” held at the last edition of SMT in Nuremberg, to discuss how to retain Europe’s industrial value and evaluate new avenues of sustainable growth for the electronics industry. The open debate on emerging business models and on the latest innovations in material science extended to the main drivers of change surrounding the fourth industrial revolution and new manufacturing approaches for increased miniaturization, reliability and performance.

CEO Panel on the opening of the Productronica conferences

 Past milestones

Engaging top industry leaders on the new frontiers of Industry 4.0

Sophie B. de la Giroday, President of Wise Media, moderated the CEO Panel on the opening day of Productronica (left), engaging top industry leaders on the new frontiers of Industry 4.0. On the same occasion, a prestigious ceremony open to all visitors of the world’s leading biennial show on electronics manufacturing revealed the names of this year’s winners of the Sustainable Development Awards, presented in Munich on November 12.  This followed the SEM Working Group’s  new chapter of investigation and knowledge-sharing in San Diego on February 20. The debate engaged the broader audience at the “Electronics Day” on April 17 in Nuremberg and May 29 in Milan, when thought leaders shared their vision and debated key industry concerns on the occasion of two conferences: – Electronics Day in Nuremberg on April 17 supported by EIPC, on the occasion of SMT – Electronics Day in Milan on May 29, once again supported by IMAPS, IEEE and ANITEC.

The Sustainability Summit SEM Working Group welcomes comments and suggestions to further nurture a year-long debate via its official digital media platform and can be addressed by writing to events@wisemedia.com.

Electronic Day events: an annual appointment in Nuremberg and in Milan

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