As a prime independent player in the international media and events industry, Wise Media has enjoyed top level endorsements from governments across the world for over two decades. Its track record of world-class summits established its reputation as catalyst of prime initiatives for business and societal development.

Wise Media events are designed to create extraordinary networking opportunities, to catalyze business transactions and to promote innovation and sustainable growth. They are supported both by industry and government organizations as initiatives that foster an in depth understanding of today’s evolving information society and high-tech environment. Wise Media Events teams have a deep awareness of the commitment made by the organizer in landing a successful event, as well as the investments sustained by participating organizations and delegates, all of whom can benefit from the exposure to key government representatives and industry leaders.

Government patronages and ministerial endorsement

Throughout the last twenty years, Wise Media Events have enjoyed the active support and patronage of the European Commission, the Minister of Interior Germany, the Minister of Interior France, the Minister of the Interior Austria, the Minister of Justice the Netherlands, the Minister of Interior Turkey, the Presidency of the Council of Italian Ministers, the Italian Minister of the Interior, Foreign Affairs and Innovation, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of the United Arab Emirates, the Presidency of the Cabinet of Ministers, Argentina, the Government of Brazil, as well as the endorsement of prime law enforcement institutions and environment protection agencies.

Summits produced by the Wise Media Events division are leaders in their market sectors, having achieved the highest reputation among stakeholders and within the business community. The Sustainability Summit, most recently hosted in Abu Dhabi under the patronage of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior of the UAE with the endorsement of the European Commission, attracted government participation at ministerial level from the different continents.

A preferred host of government sector summits, partnering with the world's top organizers

Rights to produce the ID WORLD International Congress in Germany were sold to Frankfurt Exhibitions after celebrating the event's 10th anniversary edition in 2011. Conferences were organized in the years to follow by Wise Media Events and the event was hosted by Wise Media’s president until 2014. A number of initiatives and symposiums have established themselves since as key annual appointments for diverse audiences across the world.

Sophie Boyer de la Giroday, President of Wise Media (above); with Frankfurt Exhibitions CEOs announcing acquisition of a series of Wise Media summits in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East (below).

Format development, licensing and full organizational support

Wise Media Events produces and licenses its proprietary formats. Its consultants can assist third parties throughout the entire process of event organization, from conception, development, execution and result measurement. Public institutions, event organizers and corporate organizations turn to Wise Media Events for its ability to develop permanent initiatives or establish stand-alone events for a single purpose or organization.

Proprietary event formats

Examples of initiatives produced and hosted to date by Wise Media Events include:

Anticipating evolution in business, technology and society

The Summits produced by the Wise Media Events division cater to select audiences of top-level industry executives, technology end-users and policy makers. Bringing to fruition a unique combination of knowledge, experience and methodologies, dedicated teams are formed to conceive and organize international summits, developing overarching programs and tailor-made agendas for effective knowledge exchange and high-level networking, on the basis of

  • strong direct relations with key decision makers in government and industry
  • active connections with major influencers in developed and developing economies
  • well-established, first-in-class formats for high level interaction.

Wise Media Events are sponsored both by industry and government organizations. The Wise Media Events teams have a deep awareness of the commitment made by the organizer in landing a successful event and the and investments sustained by participating organizations and delegates, all of whom benefit from the exposure to key government representatives and industry leaders.

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An accolade to talent and best practices

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20th annual appointment

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VIP Programs: from counting contacts to weighing connections

Wise Media Events organizes VIP Delegation Programs to facilitate high-profile B2B, B2G and G2G exchanges.
Contact events@wisemedia.com to learn more about how to gain access to prime, fast track networking.


World-class thought leadership symposiums

The international Summits produced by Wise Media are renowned for their unique value as independent platforms fostering knowledge-exchange and networking at the highest level. Engaging public sector decision makers and top industry leaders, they generate an open debate by addressing audiences without partisan agendas and viewpoints and without commercially compromised content. Experience and legacy stems from two decades of conceiving and operating event formats all over the world in several languages, creating global forums for top decision makers.

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