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Mission (impossible) accomplished: 2nd edition of Eco-Smart Cities

We look forward to building on the valuable discussions held at the inaugural Eco-Smart Cities congress that took place in Genova-Savona (Italy) last fall! Launched in October 2021 in spite of challenging circumstances requesting all guests to show up with negative PCR test and perform once again a test to get onboard the Costa ship, our first event 'on land and sea' surprised us with a resounding success (and only members of our staff were left ashore because 'positive'). The result was worth it: working groups have been created to discuss innovative projects in strategic topic areas of urban development, to engage technology providers and end users that will once again sit together at the table of innovation in October 2022 to update us on the work in progress.
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Eco-Smart Cities: an event in partnership with Carnival Cruises

Global Migration Summit celebrates tenth anniversary in 2022

If you have been addressed in the past to attend Global Migration Summit initiatives, stay tuned: government officials and private sector representatives joining forces to tackle the global emergency of cross-border migration celebrate 10 years of cooperation and collaboration as members of Wise Media's GMS think tank. Endorsed by the European Commission, the Global Migration Summit was launched in 2012 by Ronald Noble, Secretary General of Interpol (in the picture together with today's President of Interpol, General Ahmed Nasser Al-Raisi) and Luigi Soreca, Directorate General of the European Commission.
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Wise Media's President with Secretary General of Interpol, today's President of Interpol and Luigi Soreca, Directorate General of the European Commission

Summer surprise: Wise Media lands twice in today's most read dailies

Self-isolation can also breed inspiration. Following an article on gentrification published in 2021 in The Guardian (re: the last inhabitant of Circus Road in London), the most read Swiss daily features a cover story interview with Wise Media's President. Earlier this month, the most read Italian newspaper published a full page on her latest novel, 'Ultimatum a Milano'.
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Cover story in Switzerland...

...and in Italy

Wise Media in Cairo to address President and full cabinet of ministers

The Minister of Finance, Minister of Justice and Minister of Education held in-depth presentations to President Al-Sisi, the Prime Minister and the entire cabinet of government ministers on the occasion of a highly exclusive event in Cairo. An opening speech on eGovernment and the smart digital society was delivered by Sophie Boyer de la Giroday, President of Wise Media, together with the CEO and Director of a 1-billion dollar security products facility, now fully operative after being erected at record time during the last two years. President Al-Sisi commended his country’s technological capability delivering vision for digitizing the State.
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President Al-Sisi speaking from the audience

Wise Media only foreign media company to see new security complex

Inauguration of Egypt’s state-of-the-art industrial security complex will see Wise Media attend as the only media company invited to comment on the strategic importance of the new facility, unique in the Middle-East in its vertical integration for full design and manufacturing autonomy.
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The industrial complex

Under controlled sky

London formal meeting hails sustainable development

Michael Chertoff, former United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothschild and Ingvar Carlsson, former Prime Minister of Sweden (from left to right in this picture with Sophie Boyer de la Giroday, President of Wise Media) joined with Fen Osler Hampson, Chancellor's Professor at Carleton, President of the World Refugee & Migration Council and member of the Sustainable Development Advisory Board, promoting Wise Media's new initiative supported by SD magazine and bringing together world-class experts and prime innovators seeing digital transformation as a prime means to help pursue stability and peace.

See Sustainable Development Advisory Board

From left: Michael Chertoff, Lady Lynn and Ingvar Carlsson, former PM of Sweden

Wise Media called to address French inter-ministerial audience on eIDs

Sophie Boyer de la Giroday delivers keynote on the status of identity programs worldwide at exclusive gathering of public sector officials held under the Patronage of the French Prime Minister and attended by the Minister of Interior, Minister of justice and the Secretary of State in charge of the digital agenda. The inter-ministerial event opened its doors in Paris on 25 and 26 April 2019 to discuss the outline of the French National ID program in light of the European Commission’s eIDAS regulation for eIDs and trust services for electronic transactions. The President of Wise Media was invited to deliver a keynote speech on the morning inaugurating the two-day event.

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Only government officials at the event, attended by the Minister of Interior, Minister of justice and the Secretary of State in charge of the digital agenda

On the left: General Marc Watin-Augouard, President ot CECIF, former Inspecteur Général des Armées-Gendarmerie

First woman ever: Wise Media's President at Swiss MMG

Unlike many of the British gentlemen's clubs that are progressively making exceptions to their rule of not letting any female guest attend  their proceedings, high-profile Swiss clubs resist with their gender discrimination stance well into the twenty-first century. However, the Zurich-based,  Mathematics-Military Society (MMG: Mathematisch-Militärische Gesellschaft), broke their vow after 250 years, officially welcoming the President of Wise Media and presenting her with a solemn recognition signed by the President and the Secretary, sharing their book of members during an exclusive meeting with members from all over Switzerland, organized to discuss classified information after a workshop at the ETH (University of Zurich), where Sophie Boyer de la Giroday was invited to speak about warfare in the twenty-first century.
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First women in 250 years (with President of the Mathematics-Military Society)

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Wise Media President at 80th Interpol General Assembly in Hanoi

Sophie B. de la Giroday attended Interpol’s 80th General Assembly, meeting key players in the world of security and law enforcement who convened to expand the fight against transnational crime. As the world’s largest police organization saw its membership grow to 190, the four-day meeting which brought together some 630 police chiefs and senior law enforcement officials from 142 countries, addressed a range of issues including enhanced use of Interpol’s tools to combat crimes such as online exploitation, piracy, trafficking and illegal migration.

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