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 A strategic effort to develop a new trust model for the global digital economy



The Finance Transparency Forum is a multidisciplinary thought-leadership symposium engaging government representatives, economists, technology experts and industry leaders as advocates of transparency, control and sustainable development in the finance sector.

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Past milestones

  • Advisory Board extends FTF’s effort
    Industry leaders and luminaries in key disciplines are joining government sector representatives in a strategic effort to develop a new trust model for the global digital economy. An independent think tank of decision makers and influencers promotes transparency and control in finance.
    Read full report and statements
  • Report from the Middle-East
    Minutes of the Finance Transparency Ambassadors meetings held in Abu Dhabi on September 14 and 15 are available to FTF Board Members. A set of articles is published as a free download and the full report can be ordered in hard copy as the official publication of the Finance Transparency Forum. 
  •  January Forum in New York
    The Finance Transparency Forum (FTF Special Interest Working Group) meetings held in New York on 12 January with members of the Advisory Board on the opening day of the National Retail Federation conference, framed this year’s perimeter of investigation. Additional input was factored in from main European finance sector events.   Request
    full report

Quotes and board 
member statements

Request full report to get a flavor of the debate animated by the Finance Transparency Forum at policy maker level and download a series of statements released to the publication, Sustainable Development:

  • Richard Kerby, Interregional Adviser – United Nations
  • Klaus-Dieter Fritsche, State Secretary – German Government
  • Atef Helmy, Minister Communications – Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Unho Choi , Smart Payments Security – UN Refugee Agency
  • Ali Al Khouri , Director General – Emirates Identity Authority
  • Ratan Bajaj, Chief Commissioner – Indian Revenue Service
  • Silima Pereira, Dep. Minister Home Affairs – Government of Tanzania
  • Karim Sinjari, Minister of the Interior – Kurdistan Government
  • Reinhard Posch, CIO – Austrian Government
  • Suvi Lindén, UN Broadband Commission – Former Minister Comms,  Finland
  • Gerald Santucci, Directorate General Infso – European Commission

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Event Calendar: New York, Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt, Cape Town and Bruxelles

Hosted for the Finance Transparency Forum, a roadmap of meetings calls for the active engagement of policy makers, finance conduct authorities, industry leaders, technology experts and system integrators driving the development of sustainable financial ecosystems worldwide in light of the digital revolution. Events scheduled in New York, Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt, Cape Town and Bruxelles will foster the paradigm shift aimed at restoring trust of investors and securing universal financial inclusion. Among the key topics debated: Strengthening Regulations and Control on Finance Conduct; Addressing today’s Analytical Divide; Securing Universal Financial Inclusion; Leveraging Technologies for a Cashless Society.

FTF: the original  call to action

London, 11 october 2014 – "Wise Media announces the creation of the Finance Transparency Forum, an initiative launched as the newest Working Group of the Sustainability Summit. Its mission is to define a new framework of policies and systems for the digital economy, fostering a paradigm shift in the world of finance with an all new focus on the estate owner’s rights to inclusion, entitlement and transparency. An open invitation is addressed to all interested parties within the government sector, finance control authorities and the business and industry community."

The Finance Transparency Forum aims at establishing thought leadership to drive change in the world of finance. “This international symposium will shed light on the opportunities and emergencies arising from the technology-driven revolutions that transformed the global financial landscape over the last decades,” said Sophie B. de la Giroday, Chairman of the Finance Transparency Forum. “Today’s largest and most powerful techno-social system, the global financial market, sees a number of paradoxes unaddressed. These are becoming an emergency in light of the ongoing computerization trend and call for a scientific approach, as well as for new tools to be developed and adopted to protect the broader ecosystem of stakeholders impacted by the performance of the financial industry.”

“Global issues such as the digital divide and the identity divide still see large segments of the world’s population disconnected or excluded altogether from the digital society, but they are being actively addressed. The time has come to understand the implications of a new emergency: today’s analytical divide, affecting the resilience of financial systems worldwide” added Sophie B. de la Giroday. “There is in fact an unacceptable disparity in how data intelligence is being used in the finance sector. It sees the banking industry having learned to leverage computational power superbly, while the public and private sector estate owners – as well as their allegedly independent advisors – fail to access independent information, as well as instruments for transparency and accountability. This imbalance leads to unequal relationships and to the uncontrolled exposure to risk that is progressively eroding the confidence of investors. With the ongoing digitalization trend transitioning to a new all-machine phase, characterized by large numbers of extreme events happening in milliseconds, the scenario sees us face a new set of challenges. These request urgent attention, to protect estate owners from ongoing exposure to exploitation, conflict of interest and unethical practice, as well as society as a whole from the threat of an unprecedented system-wide financial collapse.”

Addressing issues of the digital economy

The Finance Transparency Forum is the Sustainability Summits working group created to engage policy makers and industry leaders driving modernization projects for societal development. Created by Wise Media, it is endorsed by the European Commission and sees the patronage and active involvement of high-profile representatives of various countries in a non political initiative spanning across industries and continents. The Finance Transparency Forum looks at the scenario deriving from the digital revolution with the objective of driving the modernization of policies, methodologies and technologies protecting the interests of all stakeholders of the global digital economy. Its strategic investigation is supported by a series of special interest working groups open to policy makers, scientists, decision makers and key influencers engaged in strengthening the trust models governing today’s transactions, commerce and investments. An Advisory Board with leading technology experts, policy makers and key influencers engages in developing a framework of activities aimed at educating prime stakeholders and driving change at a systems and legislative level. 

Learn more about the Advisory Board supporting FTF.

Members of the advisory board advocating for transparency in finance met in different continents, as of the inaugural meeting  hosted at XY and chaired by Sophie Boyer de la Giroday,  president of Wise Media and Director of XY in Zurich.