Sustainability Summit

A world-class thought-leadership symposium and multi-channel media initiative

The Sustainability Summit has been endorsed over the years by the European Commission and governments of the various countries that hosted Wise Media congresses organized in Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Brussels, Istanbul, Milan, Nuremberg, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome and Vienna. Launched in 2010, the initiative calls to action policy makers and industry leaders from around the world to steer modernization across key sectors in light of the sustainable development goals set for today’s digital society and global economy.  Its Special Interest Working Groups (SIWGs) share recommendations during an annual international congress. As of 2020, they are supported by the Sustainable Development Advisory Board.

The Sustainability Summit looks at the United Nations' SDGs and promotes a high-profile exchange among decision makers, solution providers and pioneering innovators in the public and private sectors. The objective is to shed light on emerging opportunities, discuss key concerns and share best practices, connecting movers and shakers of the digital revolution with policy makers and key end users of leading edge systems empowered by information and communication technologies.

Working Groups focusing on strategic areas of investigation

Dedicated task forces (SD Working Groups) have been active within the Sustainability Summit since the year of its foundation, with the objective of designing a roadmap of activities to be carried out in parallel by select groups of community members. Ever since their activation, these working groups have been engaged to debate issues and opportunities of sustainable development on a global scale in the context of Future Cities, Electronics Systems and Components (SEM), Design & Manufacturing, Supply Chains, Infrastructures Operation & Resilience, as well as Resource Management and most lately Finance Transparency.

Offering a live dimension to the debate and an exchange platform connecting key policy and decision makers that join forces in the Sustainability Summit's SD Working Groups, a series of international forums was established, giving life to full scale events centered on key topic areas such as  Automotive Innovation, Aero Innovation, etc.

Past milestones

Endorsed by

European Commission

Patronage of

Ministry of the Interior
United Arab Emirates

Patronage of

Cabinet of Ministers Government of Argentina

Patronage of

Presidency of Ministers' Council, Italy

Inaugural DEC Summit: hosted with the UAE government,
under the Patronage of the League of Arab states, endorsed by
the Council of Arab Economic Unity and by the European Commission

Giving voice to the various SD Working Groups:

10 years of Sustainability Summit

Members of the Sustainability Summit community celebrated a decade of international collaboration describing the status and outlook of the digital revolution on the occasion of a two-day congress on May 4-5, 2020 in Nuremberg, Germany. The 10th anniversary edition of the independent symposium on sustainable development defined new objectives in light of the UN SDGs and presented the synthesis of specific efforts carried out in the context of key initiatives launched over the years, as the Digital Economy Checkpoint, Electronics Day, Future Cities, Automotive Innovation, Finance Transparency Forum, Global Migration Forum, Transportation Security Forum, Registered Traveler Forum, HealthTech Innovation, Supply Chain Management Forum, Citizen ID Forum.

The Sustainable Development Advisory Board

The tenth Sustainability Summit saw the launch of the Sustainable Development Advisory Board, that inherits objectives and responsibilities previously assigned to the members of the technical committee of the NFC Academy and of the XY Advisory Board (substituted by this initiative and dissolved as of May 5, 2020).

Checking the pulse of the digital revolution

As of 2019, the Sustainability Summit is empowered by the Digital Economy Checkpoint initiative (DEC Summit), the world’s prime independent forum on the development roadmaps and strategic goals set by organizations worldwide for the year 2030.

DEC: a cornerstone initiative for the SD community

Past milestones

Ministers of 7 countries attend latest Sustainability Summit Abu Dhabi

The eighth Annual Congress of the Sustainability Summit took place at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi under the Patronage of the Government of the United Arab Emirates and hosted the first Digital Economy Conference and Summit. The Annual Congress brought to the stage some of the key questions identified during an intensive year of discussions on Artificial Intelligence and other innovative technologies, as well as debate key topics explored to date by the Sustainability Summit Special Interest Working Groups.

The Secretary General of Interpol, government ministers from seven different countries, high profile representatives of the United Nations and the European Commission participated in Wise Media’s seventh Abu Dhabi Summit, meeting with technology experts and decision makers from public and private sector organizations. Endorsed by the European Commission, the event was hosted in the Emirati capital under the patronage of the UAE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior in the prestigious government venue of the ECSSR (Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research).

His Highness Lieutenant General Sheik Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan offered the Summit’s opening remarks and participated in policy makers meetings before visiting the exhibition. Ministerial meetings were held on both days. Top representatives of international organizations and world-class technology experts contributed to a rich agenda of proceedings and exclusive meetings. Meetings were held to secure international collaboration and activate public-private partnerships, the objective being to define new policies, resources and programs for sustainable development.

In a nutshell

The Sustainability Summit caters for an audience of policy and decision makers in the public and private sectors. Since 2010, the initiative activates dedicated task forces for strategic topic areas, catalyzing global debate to chart a roadmap for sustainable development to 2030 and beyond.

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